Find out how we partner with dentists to help them achieve the digital marketing results they want for their practice.
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Propelling a dentist client to the top of Google search

Day One was approached by a dentist who wanted to improve his rankings in search engines to get more patients. The dentist had been working with a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) agency for nine months, but they weren’t generating the results he wanted, so he was looking for a new marketing agency.

Located in a town of 15,000 people on the outskirts of a major US city, the 40-year-old dentist wanted to grow his five-year-old practice, and to do so, he needed to attract more of the right kind of patients. His goal was to bring in 30-40 new patients per month. More patients would allow him to bring on an associate so he could work less and be more selective about the patients he was treating personally. It would also enable him to have a better work-life balance and spend more time outdoors, hunting and fishing with his dogs in tow.

Growing the practice was challenging because he wasn’t a participating provider for any insurance provider. He needed to be proactive in his marketing to reach patients who would come to him on a fee-for-service basis and take advantage of his specialist offerings like dental implants and Invisalign.

When the dentist came to Day One, he was looking for a marketing agency that would deliver a greater online presence, but also that would regularly communicate with him and show him that the program was effective. He understood that to achieve higher search engine rankings, he would need a comprehensive marketing system with multiple components.

Day One put together an individualized, comprehensive digital marketing system. This system has evolved as the business has grown. It includes:
Local Search Engine Optimization
Google Ads (Search Engine Marketing) – this is a priority for the dentist to target patients in the specific procedure areas he specializes in
Facebook – organic Page management and Facebook ads
Instagram – organic Page management and Instagram ads
Review generation – Day One set up a digital system so that the practice automatically asks for Google and Facebook reviews
Review responses – Day One monitors reviews and suggests appropriate responses
Website content updates as needed
To ensure that the client understands what is working and what isn’t, Day One has created a reporting structure that gives the dentist the information he wants, while not burdening him with unnecessary detail. This is a combination of a monthly report, and frequent ad-hoc touchpoints to keep activity on track.
In the three years working with the dentist, Day One has transformed the practice’s online presence and brought in more patients.
The practice is ranked in the first five results on the first page of Google for its most important keywords. Previously only one keyword was ranked on the first page, in 10th place.
The practice is now in the top three results on Google Maps when patients search for “dentist near me”. Previously, it didn’t appear on Google Maps at all.
The practice now receives an average of 5-6 positive reviews per month. Before working with Day One, the practice had received only 20 reviews in two years.
Digital advertising spend is delivering 40-50 potential leads per month, from a combination of Google Ads, Instagram ads, and Facebook ads.
The program is consistently delivering an average of 30-40 new patients per month coming in the door.
This has enabled the dentist to grow his practice and get more support by hiring several new team members. He is also able to spend more time with his wife and dogs in the great outdoors!