Find out how we partner with dentists to help them achieve the digital marketing results they want for their practice.

Day One’s Approach to Digital Marketing

Day One has an effective, efficient, and strategic process to help dental practices secure more of their ideal patients so they can meet their business goals.

Your Digital Marketing Partners

We’re a team of digital marketing professionals who are:

Diligent in our expertise

Friendly, kind, and down-to-earth

Knowledgeable and smart

Trustworthy, honest, and sincere

We aim to equip our dental clients with the right information, work with an empathetic approach, and we become stewards of our client’s resources.

At Day One, our goal is to make marketing make sense for your practice and the patients who need your services.

dentist looking at a panoramic X-ray of an implant patient

About Jamie DiBease, Owner and Chief Strategist of Day One

Jamie DiBease | Owner and Chief Strategist of Day One

The Professional Details

Hi, I’m Jamie DiBease, owner and chief strategist at Dental Marketing from Day One. My goal is to help you acquire new business by bringing in more ideal patients for your practice. With over 25 years of experience creating and running successful marketing campaigns, I’ve learned what works long-term, which led me to create a digital marketing agency founded in finding the right strategies to help dentists achieve the results they’re looking for. Dental Marketing from Day One helps you achieve your business goals, so you can start leading the life you’ve been working toward.

The Fun Facts

What you really came here to find out!
Fun Fact #1
My family is full of dentists, inventors, innovators, engineers, and professors. I always had exposure to the world of dentistry, and now I’m in a niche working with dentists, which shows that there’s ingrained knowledge there. In fact, a family member of mine who worked on dental implants is well-known and respected in the dental field.
Fun Fact #2
I have a background in engineering, which is why I like to take things apart and put them back together. I enjoy seeing how things move in relation to one another and visualizing how things work. This helps me in the work I do today and allows me to create comprehensive digital marketing systems.
Fun Fact #3
I believe in designing solutions and that you achieve the results you want when everything works in alignment, like gears meshing together. You need to uncover any underlying issues to create the foundation you need to work with.
Fun Fact #4
I’m a truth seeker, life-long learner, and believe education is the path to wisdom. I think we understand best when we’re presented with well-researched facts and figures.
Fun Fact #5
I married my high school sweetheart, and we have four adult children. Together, we enjoy traveling, hiking, and time at the shore. We are active members of our church and community.

My Greatest Ally is a System

I like to think I have a systematic approach to life and work. When you have a system in place, you achieve efficiency, helping you to free up your time. In digital marketing, a system can help you save time, effort, energy, and set you up for long-term growth.
dentist spending time with a young dental patient

Our Mission

We help dentists who want to acquire new business bring in more of their ideal types of patients with a comprehensive digital marketing system.

Our Vision

To see dentists strike a balance in doing great work and taking care of themselves — ultimately helping them lead the life they envision.

What We Value

Curiosity Expertise Honesty Kindness Trustworthiness

What are other dentists saying about Day One?

“I Just want to scream from the rooftops!! I have been working with Jamie DiBease since my trip in Philadelphia late summer. Thank you Paul Goodman, for the introduction at Super Boost Camp. Contracts are signed! They are my new marketing company and they will be building my website. I had interviewed multiple marketing agencies and though many of them were fantastic, one was best. Jamie is fantastic! Knowledgeable, professional, resourceful… responsive and most of all so damn KIND!”

Dr. Maggie Augustyn

“We work with Jamie personally. He is awesome and one of my friends, helping us bring in the patients that we want to see. He is as classy and kind as they come.”

Dr. Paul “Dr. Nacho” Goodman

“The dental marketing world is full of people who make big promises and deliver small results. We were previously with an agency that, with 6 months lead time, couldn’t get our new location on the web. After firing them for that, I found a crazy web of gray hat tactics that were used to increase our Google rankings. After trying to fix it myself, I turned to Jamie and his team at Day One. They cleaned up our web presence and then took over our social media marketing. Jamie did EXACTLY what he promised. If you are looking for a dental marketing agency whose specialty is honesty and integrity, look no further. Jamie and his team will get you the results they promise.”

Dr. Matt Bickel