Find out how we partner with dentists to help them achieve the digital marketing results they want for their practice.

Meet Social Media Strategy Done Right

We help dentists build a solid marketing foundation to bring in more of their ideal patients, so they can spend their time doing what they love. We do this by creating a comprehensive digital marketing strategy tailored to meet each dental practice’s specific needs. 

Why Your Practice Needs a Social Media Strategy

We understand that as a dental practice owner, you’re busy:

Seeing patients
Managing a team
Growing your practice
Living your life outside of dentistry

So the last thing you want to do is spend time figuring out a marketing strategy, especially a social media strategy. But if you want to keep everything running smoothly in your practice, having a social media strategy helps you get found by new patients online. Having an active presence on social media helps you create awareness and connect with future patients.

How Social Media Can Work for Your Practice

Social media is a tool that can help you to get found and seen online by future patients. When you are consistently showing up where your patients are online and sharing useful information with them on social media, you’re able to connect on a more personal level with patients.

Day One Can Manage Social Media for Your Dental Practice



Create brand awareness for your dental practice with an online presence



Build a connection with future patients by sharing helpful content with them



Engage with new patients by creating content that gets and keeps their attention



Build trust and establish your expertise in your dental practice and community

How We Incorporate Social Media Into Your Marketing Plan
Our Digital Marketing Framework

Think of a marketing plan like you would a puzzle. The plan is the puzzle and the marketing tools you use are pieces of the puzzle. And just like a puzzle is not made of one piece, you can’t opt for one tool when it comes to marketing. All of the tools that make up a marketing plan need to work together and build on one another to help you see the full picture.

Our Digital Marketing Framework is what we use to understand your business goals and create a marketing plan to help you achieve them.

This framework lays the foundation that will bring in more ideal patients for your practice. We do this through a process of:


For any system to work well, you need to know what you’re starting with. We learn about your practice, patients, services, marketing, and competitors to define what success looks like for your practice and set business goals for you to achieve.


Once we understand your practice, we can build a marketing plan that targets your ideal patients on the right channels. By focusing on different marketing activities, you’ll be able to connect with future patients where they are online.


We want you to know how your marketing is performing so we test what we’ve built through regular benchmarking and by routinely evaluating your marketing strategy. That way, we can find what’s working and where we can make improvements.


By regularly reporting results, we can consistently show you where the strengths in your marketing plan lie and where there’s room for us to pivot and adapt.


With continual optimization and improvements, we can ensure that your marketing plan is always working. We will never just put your marketing on autopilot.

patient impressed with dental practice

Think of a marketing plan like you would a puzzle…the marketing plan is the puzzle and the marketing tools you use are the pieces of the puzzle.

Social Media Can Help Your Dental Practice Grow

Our job is to help your dental practice grow, and one way we can do that is with social media.

See How This Dentist Engages with Patients Online

Social media is an engaging way to connect with patients online as well as establish your expertise and build up trust with them. Since future patients are already consuming information online, you want to show up on the social media channels that they’re already using with helpful and relevant content that will have them wanting to learn more about your dental practice.

Read this client case study to see how we helped a practice level up their marketing efforts.

patient impressed with dental practice


Have questions about social media and how it can work for your practice? We have answers!

How often should I be posting and engaging on social media?

Consistency is key, so aim to post and engage on social media at least 2-3 times per week. Regular activity keeps your audience engaged and informed about your services, promotions, and dental health tips. Engaging with comments and messages promptly shows that you value your patients and helps to build a loyal community.

What metrics should I focus on when implementing a social media strategy?

Key metrics to focus on include engagement rates (likes, comments, shares), follower growth, reach and impressions, click-through rates, and conversions (appointments booked). Tracking these metrics helps you understand what content resonates with your audience.

What social media channels should a dental practice be using?

A dental practice should primarily focus on Facebook and Instagram due to their large user base and robust advertising platforms. Depending on your target audience, other platforms like TikTok or YouTube might be beneficial for sharing educational content and engaging with a younger demographic.

Is it important to keep up-to-date with new social media trends?

Yes, staying updated with social media trends allows you to remain relevant and effectively engage with your audience. Trends can provide new ways to connect with patients, such as through emerging platforms or content formats like video and chats. Adapting to these trends shows that your practice is modern and attentive to current patient interests.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when using social media?

Common mistakes to avoid include inconsistent posting, neglecting to engage with followers, using overly technical or medical language, using only stock images, not communicating the culture of your practice, and not monitoring and responding to both positive and negative feedback.

Who Social Media Strategy Is For

Incorporating social media into your marketing plan can help your dental practice save time and resources, help you secure more ideal patients, and set you up for long-term success.







New Website


Advertise to
new patients


Social Media
Content & Ads


SEO to build
online presence

Website Refresh


Advertise for
specific services


Social Media
Content & Ads


SEO to increase
visibility for

Website Refresh




Social Media


SEO to build
online presence
and increase

Whether you’re starting, growing, or are established as a practice, you need the right marketing plan for your practice in order to be found online. And your marketing plan is going to be made up of different marketing tools that make sense for your practice. When all of those tools are put together, like the many pieces of a puzzle, you’ll be able to see the full marketing picture.

The right social media strategy will help you achieve the results you’re looking for from Day One.