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Attracting new patients with a comprehensive digital marketing system


Drs. Matt and Kathy Bickel have been running their dental practice in Sewell, New Jersey, since 1998. Since the beginning, they have been very hands-on in the building of their practice, Dayspring Dental. Since 2015, they moved into a much larger dental facility and completely renovated it, including purchasing all new high-tech equipment.

They were excited about the opportunities they anticipated the new location and much larger, modern office would bring. However, they weren’t getting the number of new patients they were expecting. They engaged Jamie DiBease from Day One to help raise awareness of the practice and attract new patients.


Drs. Matt and Kathy had changed their practice’s name from Dayspring Laser Dentistry to Dayspring Dental, right after they moved their practice. The name change plus the move pushed them further back in the search results and they were putting in many hours to try and fix this themselves. The first thing that Day One did was to review Dayspring Dental’s ongoing marketing activity. While Day One worked on addressing this problem, they uncovered a much larger one. At the time, Dayspring Dental had been working with an SEO company and a few months later discovered that the agency had been using “black hat” SEO tactics, which broke Google’s rules. Over time, Google’s updates punished Dayspring’s website because of these tactics and had started to demote their website by making it less visible in search.

So, Day One developed a comprehensive digital marketing system to help Dayspring Dental get back on the right side of Google and get more new patients. The system consists of:

Online Presence Management

The first step for Dayspring Dental was to ensure that the information for the practice was correct in all online directories and continually manage these listings.

From there, Day One was able to focus on maximizing their Google Business Profile content.

Website Update

Day One created a brand new Day Spring Dental website, giving it a modern look and improving its SEO.

Social Media

Facebook – Day One manages Day Spring Dental’s Facebook Page to foster a sense of community and runs Facebook ads targeting potential local patients.

Instagram – Day One manages Day Spring Dental’s Instagram Page to raise brand awareness, as well as running Instagram ads.

Search Engine Optimization

Using only “white hat” tactics, Day One is increasing Day Spring Dental’s position in the search engine results and improving the conversion of website visitors to new patients.

Marketing Consulting

Day One provides consultation on Day Spring Dental’s overall marketing strategy activities.


The increase in awareness has contributed to the practice’s ongoing growth. In the first quarter of 2022, the practice brought in over 160 new patients and is on track to bring in over 660 in total in 2022. Last year, the practice grew by around 15% and this year is on track to grow by over 17%. It has also supported the evolution of their practice with more business from implants and Invisalign patients.

Having Day One take over their marketing has helped transform Drs. Matt and Kathy’s business lives. They no longer need to worry about how to fix marketing issues all by themselves or spend their valuable time figuring out how to improve their online presence. They can concentrate on delivering exceptional care to their patients and focus on what they enjoy.

“They cleaned up our web presence and then took over our social media marketing. Jamie did EXACTLY what he promised. If you are looking for a dental marketing agency whose specialty is honesty and integrity, look no further. Jamie and his team will get you the results they promise.”

Dr. Matt Bickel