Find out how we partner with dentists to help them achieve the digital marketing results they want for their practice.

Consistently secure more ideal patients for your practice

We provide you with a comprehensive marketing system so that you can achieve your business goals and lead the quality life you want.
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If you’re here, you know something is stopping you from reaching your business goals.


You have invested in your own dental practice providing advanced procedures, and cash flow is a priority. You need a strategy that gives you online visibility and brings in more of your ideal patients.


You’re managing your dental practice, but are caught up in the day-to-day and don’t see room to grow. You need steady growth that will help you reach a wider audience of ideal patients online.


You’re planning ahead and need an online presence to elevate your hard-won reputation and ensure your legacy. You need a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to position you ahead of your competitors.
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Dental Marketing from Day One is a digital marketing agency that helps dentists get more ideal patients through a personalized approach that results in a comprehensive marketing system tailored to your dental practice.

What We Do

You can’t opt for one tool when it comes to digital marketing. All of the pieces that make up a digital marketing plan need to work together and build on one another.

Marketing Strategy

We create an overall plan so you can gain more ideal patients.


We develop a website that will capture your patients’ attention.


We target the right patient groups so you can get found faster.

Social Media

We manage your presence on social media.

Online Advertising

We advertise your practice on Google and social media.

Reputation Management

We monitor, manage, and build your reputation online.

What are other dentists saying about Day One?

Dr. Maggie Augustyn | Hapy Tooth Dental

“I Just want to scream from the rooftops!! I have been working with Jamie DiBease since my trip in Philadelphia late summer. Thank you Paul Goodman, for the introduction at Super Boost Camp. Contracts are signed! They are my new marketing company and they will be building my website.

I had interviewed multiple marketing agencies and though many of them were fantastic, one was best. Jamie is fantastic! Knowledgeable, professional, resourceful… responsive and most of all so damn KIND!”

Dr. Maggie Augustyn

Dr. Paul "Dr. Nacho" Goodman | Dental Nachos

“We work with Jamie personally. He is awesome and one of my friends, helping us bring in the patients that we want to see. He is as classy and kind as they come.”

Dr. Paul “Dr. Nacho” Goodman

Dr. Matt Bickel | Dayspring Dental

“The dental marketing world is full of people who make big promises and deliver small results. We were previously with an agency that, with 6 months lead time, couldn’t get our new location on the web. After firing them for that, I found a crazy web of gray hat tactics that were used to increase our Google rankings. After trying to fix it myself, I turned to Jamie and his team at Day One. They cleaned up our web presence and then took over our social media marketing. Jamie did EXACTLY what he promised. If you are looking for a dental marketing agency whose specialty is honesty and integrity, look no further. Jamie and his team will get you the results they promise.”

Dr. Matt Bickel

Get to Know Us

Dental Marketing from Day One helps dentists achieve results. If you want to stand out in your field, you need a comprehensive marketing system and a customized growth plan.

By employing only the best practices in digital marketing, Dental Marketing from Day One can create a marketing plan personalized for your specific practice, with your unique business objectives in mind.