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Unburdening a dentist client of worrying about her digital marketing


Like many practicing general dentists, Dr. Maggie Augustyn is very busy. In addition to running her practice and ongoing professional education in new procedures, she is also a mother, wife of over 20 years, an avid published writer, sought-after public speaker, volunteer, and active within the dental community. All of these facets of her life mean that sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day for everything she wants or needs to do.

When it came to her practice, she felt this in the realm of marketing. At the time she met Jamie DiBease from Day One, she didn’t have a marketing plan and this was a significant source of stress for her. She wanted to be doing more marketing than she was but have the time to put a marketing plan in place by herself because she was so busy. She was looking for a marketing partner, someone she could trust who could help her alleviate this burden.

Her goal for the practice was to bring in around 15 more patients per month, but the more urgent goal for Dr. Maggie was to unburden herself from worrying about her marketing strategy. She wanted visibility of her marketing and to know where her clients were coming from and why. Without a marketing strategy in place, she didn’t know what type of marketing to pursue or how the different activities fit together.


Day One conducted a full discovery process to get to the bottom of what Dr. Maggie needed. When she first was introduced to Day One, she had operated her practice for over ten years in Elmhurst, Illinois. A critical part of her personal and professional mission is to make dentistry better. She is aware of the negative perceptions people can have of dentists, and she wants to change this in how she runs and talks about her practice.

Chief Strategist of Day One, Jamie DiBease, wanted to make sure that he fully heard and under- stood what Dr. Maggie was struggling with so that he could make strategic recommendations and help her achieve her goals. He wanted to make her comfortable enough to trust him to take her practice’s marketing off her hands.

In the initial phase of work, Day One started building a comprehensive digital marketing system for Dr. Maggie, beginning with a new website. This included:

Drafting the copy for the website,

Sourcing new bespoke images from a professional photographer,

Building the website,

Search Engine Optimization focused on hygiene appointments and check-ups.

In addition, Day One started improving Maggie’s online presence elsewhere, taking over her Facebook Page and creating Facebook posts, as well as responding to online reviews.


Day One is helping Dr. Maggie lay the foundations for her marketing. Day One gave her a strategic rationale for marketing, a system to use, and helped her to understand the value of it. An important part of how Day One works with clients is to educate them on the reasons behind marketing recommendations, rather than just implementing tasks. Now, Dr. Maggie knows how the different elements of her marketing plan should work together and what the purpose of each part is.

Once launched, this elevated her online presence and set the stage for a future phase of her marketing system that may include Google ads and social media ads on Facebook. In this way, the marketing system will evolve to support Dr. Maggie’s changing business focuses.

Now Dr. Maggie can breathe, relieved of the burden of her marketing!

“I had interviewed multiple marketing agencies and though many of them were fantastic, one was best. Jamie is fantastic! Knowledgeable, professional, resourceful, responsive, and most of all, so damn KIND!”

Dr. Maggie Augustyn, Happy Tooth Dental