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Webinar: How to Get More Ideal Patients for Your Practice

As a dental practice owner, the last thing you want to be figuring out is your marketing plan.
You have patients to see, a team to manage, and a practice to grow, but to do all of that successfully, having a digital marketing plan in place that works for you is key.
On June 8, 2023, I hosted a webinar called, ‘How to get more ideal patients for your practice: get found, get seen, get leads’ to show you how to create the right marketing plan.
You can still watch it! In this webinar, you’ll learn how digital marketing can help to build your authority online and establish your expertise with current and future patients. The right digital marketing plan can help you achieve more work-life balance, build on your success, and create a fulfilling practice that’s positioned for growth, all while securing more ideal patients.
It’s time to stop worrying about how all of the different pieces of digital marketing fit together because we’re going to show you how they can work together to work for you.
Learn how to get found online with the right social media presence, SEO implementation, and Google ads. Learn how to get seen online with an up-to-date website and digital advertising. And learn how to get leads online with a strong online presence and a solid reputation.
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