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Three Ways Online Advertising Can Help Your Dental Practice Get Found


With technology constantly changing, it’s becoming harder to catch and keep people’s attention. Sometimes, having a great social media presence and an engaging website isn’t enough. Sometimes, you need to add another digital marketing tool to the mix to help future patients find, see, and engage with you online. Implementing an online advertising strategy using targeted digital ads can grow your brand awareness and get more patients to contact your office.

1) Online Advertising Works Well with Social Media

An online advertising strategy is a great way to leverage your social media presence and drive more traffic to your channels and, ultimately, to your website. Online advertising works well with social media marketing because if you already have an online presence, ads help more of the right people see your content. By creating online ads, what you’re essentially doing is showing up in someone’s search results, whether that’s on Google, social media, or both. Knowing the kinds of patients you want for your practice can help you create more targeted ads to connect with them where they already are online. If a future patient is actively searching for dental services near them, you want to be one of the first practices they see, and online advertising can help you gain visibility, create brand awareness, and get in front of new patients faster. 

2) Run Targeted Digital Ads for Specific Dental Services

The great thing about creating digital ads is that they can be as specific as you want them to be. You can target specific patient demographics or you can create targeted ads for dental services you want to highlight. These digital ads are a way for future patients to connect with you, get to know more about your practice, and learn about what services you offer. Online advertising is also a digital marketing tool that you can test to see how it’s working and to know what results you’re getting. You can essentially measure results to see your exact return on investment. When you work with a digital marketing agency like Day One, we can help you analyze your results and determine the most effective marketing channels to advertise on for the best results. We actually recommend advertising on a variety of channels to maximize your practice’s reach.

3) Lead Patients to Your Website with Online Ads

If you’re interested in securing more ideal patients for your dental practice, then online ads can help you do that by honing in on someone’s interests, needs, and goals. The more you know about patients’ needs, the more specific and targeted you can make your digital ads so that they show up in front of the patients you most want to connect with online. Online ads can even lead future patients directly to your website to learn more and schedule an appointment. By creating ads with clear messaging and calls to action, you’re letting patients know what action steps to take. And if someone visits your website but doesn’t schedule an appointment, you can create a retargeted ad to help remind them to visit the website again and book that appointment.

So if you’re starting, growing, or established as a practice, online advertising can help you get found and seen online so you can connect with more of your ideal patients. Interested in learning more about online advertising and how to get started today? Get in touch with us and schedule a free consultation—we’d be happy to support you in growing your dental practice.